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Commitments for Businesses

Businesses who display our Campaign Badge make these Commitments to ensure a positive experience for disabled travellers and tourists.

We recognise equality
We recognise that everybody, including disabled and less able visitors, has the right to enjoy all aspects of tourism and travel. We work to promote and support this.

We welcome all customers
We make it our priority to meet customers’ individual needs through personal attention. We aim to provide the same high quality levels of service for everybody.

We train and empower our staff
We train our staff in disability awareness as well as customer service and strive to meet the needs of everybody to ensure an enjoyable and rewarding travel experience.

We provide access information
We have completed an Accessibility Guide, which we keep up to date and which is available to everybody through our website and through other channels.

We seek an inclusive environment
We are committed to planning and carrying out improvements to our infrastructure, products, services and information. We aim to use a ‘design-for-all’ approach, in order to remove or minimise access barriers.

We have an Access Champion
We have appointed a member of staff to be our Access Champion, to ensure that we comply with Disability and Equality regulations, to be a contact point for disabled customers, to co-ordinate our staff disability awareness training, to maintain our Accessibility Guide, to review the accessibility of our infrastructure, products, services and information and to evaluate and follow up on customers’ comments and complaints.

We monitor our performance
We monitor our customer service standards through our feedback systems. We evaluate all comments and complaints received from customers and seek always to resolve issues promptly and fully. Our Access Champion evaluates and responds to comments and complaints which relate specifically to the accessibility of our infrastructure, products, services and information.

We expect high standards of our suppliers
We strive to work with suppliers who recognise and respect the principles contained in our Commitments. Their performance and reputation are paramount in their appointment.

We act responsibly
We regard accurate and helpful information, good access for all visitors and the employment of enthusiastic and helpful staff, regardless of race, gender or ability, as being part of our wider social responsibility.