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Erin’s Dream Trip | LA and Los Vegas

Erin is a 21 year old an electric wheelchair user. In less than two weeks time she’s starting to tick off her bucket list, travelling from Scotland to America. Her first stop is California for 8 days and then to Las Vegas for 5 days. Erin has lots of things planned for her trip and places she wants to see.

About Me

My name is Erin. I’m 21 and an electric wheelchair user. When I was 8 I got hit by a car when I got off my school bus. This left me paralysed down my right side. I can weight bear with help from my mum and carers but need a lot of support in every aspect of my life. As well as relying 100% on my wheelchair to get around, I use many other pieces of equipment that help make my life easier. Along with all these things my house has also had to be adapted to suit my needs, we’ve just had a fully accessible kitchen fitted, we had a lift fitted so I can go upstairs and are going to get the garden landscaped so I can access all of it and have my own raised flower beds.

I have always enjoyed going on holiday. Booking a holiday when you have my additional needs isn’t always easy and lots of extra things have to be taken into consideration but my local travel agents have always gone above and beyond to help cater for my needs.

My Dream Trip

At the beginning of last year I decided I want to see the world so I made a bucket list of places I want to go and things I want to see. Right at the top of my list was to go in a hot air balloon over Las Vegas after seeing social media videos of the amazing Cory Lee doing this.

My Mum booked the trip at our local travel agents. We decided to add another location and chose Los Angeles. Throughout the booking process we’ve had some small problems with finding the right hotel as the first hotel that we had chosen couldn’t guarantee us two rooms on the same floor. As I am travelling with my mum and two carers, rooms beside one another is essential to help with my care. We found another hotel that could offer us rooms close to one another, a wheelchair accessible room with a walk in shower and (most importantly) a hoist to get me in and out of the pool.

On 3rd September I begin my journey from the North East of Scotland to Los Angeles for 8 days and then to Las Vegas for 5 days.

Fit to Fly

After everything was booked, I attended a routine appointment in Aberdeen hospital regarding my Vpap machine (a machine that supplies me with air throughout the night) and told my doctor about my newly booked holiday. He advised me that I would have to have a ‘fit to fly’ test to see if I would need oxygen during the flight. I was really nervous about the test as I didn’t know what to expect or what the outcome would be, I was scared they would tell me I couldn’t go on holiday. For the test I had to wear a mask that was supplying me with the same amount of oxygen as I would be getting during the flight (if I didn’t have any help with breathing). This showed that I will need a supply of oxygen for the flight as my body won’t get enough of what it needs without it.

Follow My Trip

I’ll be writing blogs about my trip for Tourism is for Everybody, so keep a look out for my updates. With less than two weeks to go I’m super excited!