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    How to market accessibility

    Providing a guide to the accessibility of your venue can attract customers. And a new website can help you produce and publish one.


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    Simply Emma Reviews Forest Holidays

    Clear blue skies and warm spring sunshine accompanied us on our long weekend cabin break at Forest Holidays, Strathyre earlier this year. The weather was beautiful and quite possibly the best we’ve had in Scotland this year. We really couldn’t have picked a nicer weekend to enjoy the stunning setting in which our accessible Forest holiday cabin was set.


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    Erin’s Dream Trip | LA and Los Vegas

    Erin is a 21 year old an electric wheelchair user. In less than two weeks time she’s starting to tick off her bucket list, travelling from Scotland to America. Her first stop is California for 8 days and then to Las Vegas for 5 days. Erin has lots of things planned for her trip and places she wants to see.


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    Accessible Adventures in Paris

    | Lauren West is 26 and lives and works in London. Lauren works at Muscular Dystrophy UK as Trailblazers Manager, MDUK’s young campaigners network. Lauren has SMA Type II and is a full-time powered wheelchair user.


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