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Accessibility Assessment

This is where we show details of organisations who offer formal accessibility assessments.


Access New Business

Access New Business is a group of experienced accessible tourism and travel professionals based in the UK and Europe. We work with government forums, trade associations, consumer affairs panels, charities, hotels, B&Bs, attractions, national and regional tourist offices, town centre managers and destinations.

Between us we can provide full accessibility services to businesses across the tourism sector including: information provision, practical advice on physical access, site visits, staff training and all elements that go to making a business more welcoming for all.

One of our team recently ran a disability awareness training day for a global events company. They wanted to ensure that their staff could anticipate what disabled people might require when they were attending an event, either as presenters or as delegates. From feedback, the training day was well received by all who attended.



DisabledGo Access Assessments

The Nation’s Most Trusted Accessibility Checker

DisabledGo have been producing detailed accessibility guides/assessments since it was founded in 2000 and have now produced access guides to over 125,000 places across the UK. Our assessments look at accessibility from a pan disability perspective and include details of parking, entrances, toilets, together with measurements and photographs. There really is lots of detail and the information isn’t just about physical access, it covers things that people with visual impairments, hearing impairments, autism, dementia, learning disabilities and mental health issues have all said are important.

Once DisabledGo have assessed a venue the information is published on our website www.disabledgo.com so that anyone can have a look at the guide and decide whether the venue is accessible to them or not. Crucially DisabledGo do not make any judgement calls on what is or is not accessible we just provide factual information so that anybody with a disability can view the information and make an informed decision on whether or not the venue is accessible. Here is an example of one of our access guides - http://www.disabledgo.com/access-guide/westminster…. Crucially our access information can also be easily integrated into other websites or printed materials so that it is easy to find.

DisabledGo can also provide Best Practice Guidance reports which compare the accessibility information collected against various building regulations and standards with a view to advising on any potential improvements that can be made to a venues accessibility.

If you would like more information about DisabledGo’s accessibility assessments or our Best Practice Guidance reports please do not hesitate to get in touch at enquiries@disabledgo.com or on 01438 842 710.

National Accessible Scheme

The National Accessible Scheme (NAS) is the only scheme that rates the accessibility of visitor accommodation throughout England. The NAS allows businesses to promote their true level of accessibility as determined by a robust set of standards and assessed by a qualified independent assessor. For more information, including the standards booklets and how to join, go to www.visitengland.org/nas.