How it works

Tourism is for Everybody is a movement of individuals, businesses and policy-makers acting together to improve the experience for disabled tourists and travellers in the UK.

It’s not just about installing facilities. It’s about understanding, awareness and respect. So whether you’re an individual, a tourism business, or anyone who can help us spread the word - explore the links below and find out how you can help.

Join the conversation

We’re broadening understanding of ‘accessible tourism’ - how it feels, how we measure it and what it really means to disabled individuals.

We’re listening to real experiences and sharing advice. We’re helping tourism businesses ensure a positive experience for every individual. Everybody can be part of this conversation.

Accessible tourism benefits everybody

Something I really love about making tourism accessible that many of us often forget, is that it also builds inclusion for local people who have had to deal with these challenges on a daily basis. Accessible tourism, to me, isn't just about disabled people either: think multilingual and large print signs at metro stations to help holiday makers, wide gangways for parents with pushchairs, or step-free access that also aids older people - everybody wins!

Attitude is so important

It's important we give disabled people the chances to travel. Chances that others take for granted. Many businesses are scared of what 'accessibility' really means. With an open and friendly attitude, the details just fall into place.

I'm passionate about helping others to have the confidence to travel

Carrie-Ann has run Tourism for All's operations from offices in Kendal, the Lake District, since 2005. Herself a lover of travel, Carrie-Ann has never let being a wheelchair user stop her enjoying new places and experiences. This gives her real empathy with others who may have encountered difficulty in finding suitable facilities and services, or who may lack the confidence to plan a holiday, and a real determination to help them enjoy great holiday experiences.

Travel is about discovery, and everybody should have the chance to experience that

As a wheelchair user and someone who loves to travel, I think ‘Tourism is for Everybody’ is an important campaign and one that will benefit myself as well as so many other people and businesses. It will help people discover great accessible places whilst raising awareness and improving accessibility.

Travel helps me to understand myself, and Asperger syndrome, and this campaign makes that possible for everybody

I have been fortunate enough to visit various parts of Europe, including stays in Switzerland and Germany, as well as the USA, seeing for myself how other cultures live and gain a better understanding of myself. For me, this campaign serves as a way to help others with Asperger syndrome and autism, like myself, to have the opportunity to experience the joys of travel for themselves, wherever that may be. I believe this is very important in our interconnected world.

I want to book my family holiday with confidence, and focus on enjoyment

As a disabled person and a parent, I believe a movement such as Tourism is for Everybody is vital. I want to be able to go on trips and holidays with the confidence to be able to take my Son places and have an enjoyable day out. I know that if I see a business sporting the Tourism is for Everybody logo it will be welcoming and easy for myself and other disabled tourists to access.

My wife and I want to holiday together, and just need a little help and understanding

My wife and I never had a holiday apart, only ever separated if I was required to stay away on business. Alzheimer’s changed that, you must have respite they said! The thought of a holiday without her was awful, now I have hope, together again, on holiday with help and assistance.

It’s not just about legislation and infrastructure, it’s about awareness and respect

I am very proud that Tourism for All has launched this campaign. I see this as providing a better experience for travellers and tourists as well as being a massive benefit to businesses. I have worked in the industry for over 50 years in many different sectors and with my experience and also being a parent of a wheel chair user fully appreciate how much better life can be for disabled people by the simplest of things – staff who are well informed, confident and welcoming.

How to market accessibility

Providing a guide to the accessibility of your venue can attract customers. And a new website can help you produce and publish one.

Simply Emma Reviews Forest Holidays

Clear blue skies and warm spring sunshine accompanied us on our long weekend cabin break at Forest Holidays, Strathyre earlier this year. The weather was beautiful and quite possibly the best we’ve had in Scotland this year. We really couldn’t have picked a nicer weekend to enjoy the stunning setting in which our accessible Forest holiday cabin was set.

Erin's Dream Trip | LA and Los Vegas

Erin is a 21 year old an electric wheelchair user. In less than two weeks time she's starting to tick off her bucket list, travelling from Scotland to America. Her first stop is California for 8 days and then to Las Vegas for 5 days. Erin has lots of things planned for her trip and places she wants to see.

Who are we?

Tourism for All is the UK Voice for Accessible Tourism. We are a national charity dedicated to making tourism welcoming to all.